We had a great trip of 21 St. Bernards, and some of the best skiing conditions, as to be expected, in beautiful Snowmass, Co.

The trip started off with a hiccup, with 2 clubs sharing the bus from Denver to Snowmass. Consequently, all the luggage and skies did not fit on the bus, but we arranged to get a short bus to pick up the overflow.

Our Wednesday night condo club party enjoyed King Ranch Chicken that Joanna Wolf pulled together. Thanks, Joanna! We had fun playing the “Who Am I?” game during which we discovered many new things about each other.  The highlight of the evening was presenting Kip Kipling an engraved plaque to celebrate his skiing at 90 years old. (And, he’s fast!)

Although the Tuesday club races were canceled due to the conditions, 2 of our members managed to get the late notice to run the gates on Wednesday and managed to win First Place, Division 2 for our club. Half our group took a day off from skiing on Wednesday and did a day trip for lunch at the famous Jerome Hotel and French Alpine Bistro in Aspen. 

It was a Smooth transition to Denver for our on-time flights. Unfortunately for Los Amigos ski club, one of our members found a tiger tail left in a TSA bin (which is a no, no to leave behind anywhere!). I took the liberty to ask a flight attendant to hold it up and announce it on the plane’s intercom before the flight. The whole flight erupted in boos and laughter. If you’re unfamiliar with the Tiger Tail’s significance, feel free to ask!


John Bearor 

CSB TSC Rep. / Vice President

2023 Snowmass trip leader


[email protected]