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Exciting Meetings

We meet every third Wednesday, August though April, at the Longhorn Cafe. We enjoy a meal and a program on topics such as the latest developments in ski equipment, mountain photography, and many more.

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Awesome Trips

Whether you’re a skier, boarder, or sightseer, you’ll love traveling with us! We trek to destinations both domestic and abroad, and occasionally enjoy adventures to destinations just a few miles away.

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Year Round Events

In addition to our meetings, we enjoy Happy Hour/Dineouts at favorite restaurants throughout the year. We welcome you to join us at any of these. Locations and dates are posted the month before the event.

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When you go with CSB, you won’t be alone unless you want to be. We ski at all ability levels, so you always can find a pal to ski with! Our non-skiers have no trouble finding someone to enjoy an adventure with.

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Happy Hour/Dine Out: Thursday, May 12 at Ajuua!

Happy Hour/Dine Out:  Thursday, May 12 at Ajuua!

Our Dine Out in May will be at Ajuua! Mexican Bar & Grill at 11703 Huebner Rd.  Join us at 5:00 for great conversation, delicious food, and bring a friend… we always welcome new members and fellow ski or travel fans!

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2016 – 2017 TSC Trip Lineup! Start Planning Now!

2016 – 2017 TSC Trip Lineup!  Start Planning Now!

The Texas Ski Council has chosen the following fantastic destinations for the 2016-2017 ski season and Summer Expedition. In addition, there is always the possibility of a club-sponsored trip. To learn more, come to the Wednesday, April 20, 2016 general membership meeting!
Traditional Trip: Vail (January 7-14, 2017)
Winter Shotout: Heavenly (February 4-11, 2017)
Final Showdown: Telluride (February 28 – March 3, 2017)
Winter Expedition: French Alps, Paradise Ski Domain (January 22-29, 2017)
Summer Expedition: Iceland (August 24-41, 2017)

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Bike and Barge Along the Danube, TSC Summer Expedition, Sept. 24-Oct. 1, 2016


A fall cruise the beautiful Danube from the Bavarian / Austrian border on the east to Vienna on the western border! Add to that, bike tours of the Austrian countryside, exploring scenic valleys, country villages, and historic sites.   This is a truly unique adventure!

Five bicycle excursions from 12 to 30 miles each will be offered… bikes range from 7-speed hybrid bikes with coaster brakes, to 21-speed hybrids with slipper brakes, and even electrically assisted bikes that you still pedal, but make going uphill a breeze!  You can always choose to skip a bicycle tour and travel with the boat to the pick up point.

A pre-trip option to Budapest and post-trip to Passau with a day trip to Munich for a bit of Octoberfest flavor are available.

For more information, contact Linda McMillion, Trip Leader.  And be sure to read a more complete trip description in Pawprints Newsletter link, on our home page!

April 14: Happy Hour at Aldino’s, a Club Favorite!

April 14:  Happy Hour at Aldino’s, a Club Favorite!

On Thursday, April 14, 2015, we had a great turnout on the patio at 5:00 PM, at Aldino’s!  Good food, good friends, a skiing trophy, great weather, even better stories,and a wonderful time!AldinoGroupAldino food


Snowmass Trip “Tails” (January 2016)

Snowmass Trip “Tails” (January 2016)

From Trip Leader, Melissa Wight

January 9 – 15, 2016

Nineteen St. Bernards in Snowmass

Nineteen St. Bernards in Snowmass

A feisty group of St. Bernards headed off to Snowmass, some flying from San Antonio, some having other travel arrangements.  All but 3 of us met in Denver, where we took a scenic bus ride to our final destination.  Joe and Kathy DeMott, having some last minute family details in Salt Lake City, hitched a ride with Joanna Wolf.  Thanks Joanna!  We were sad that Doc Blanchard had to bow out at the last minute.

Many of us enjoyed the luxury of using Black Tie Ski Rentals.  Wow, great service and they bring the equipment right to you!  No need to get to the store and wait in line.  Try it if you rent.

A new thing I’ve never seen from a resort before is that our two non-skiers, Betty Ann Adams and Jose Trabal, were given gift cards that allowed them to go to one of the listed restaurants for a meal (since they couldn’t get to the on the mountain luncheon) and a free ticket to ride one of several lifts.

Pancho Malakoff and Judy Godinez had multiple local friends they were happy to be able to ski and visit.  Pancho wasn’t able to ski the last day, having realized that doing it was making a prior injury worse.  Just let it heal.  They were both great fun to get to know!

We enjoyed seeing Brittany Koone on a trip again and it was great to meet some new people.  Iven and Sue Rathbone as well as Sonny Hurtado are welcome additions to the club!  And while they aren’t exactly brand new, it was my first time to meet Bruce and Ann Walker.

As usual, there are always a few “adventures” on a trip.  One such story involves Ann Trabal.  One day, after skiing, she couldn’t remove her boots so she called Jose, who was in Aspen.  He told her to call either the Black Tie folks or the front desk of the hotel.  She did.  After the gentleman removed Ann’s boots, Jose arrived back to find them with boots off and sipping wine. As Judy Godinez said, at least they weren’t smoking a cigarette.  Hmmmm.

Apparently, the folks in Condo 901 had some adventures of their own.  Morning meals were interesting.  Morning meals were great, although between Joe’s tendency to flash-fry bacon and JB’s fried potatoes and fabulous crepes, the front desk came to expect our smoke alarm to go off at least once daily.

Tom Trimble and Sonny Hurtado went to Aspen one evening and met Jewell.  They enjoyed that.  And Brittany Koone found the biggest plate of nachos she’s ever seen.

We all enjoyed the skiing!  Who wouldn’t, with the beautiful views and lots of terrain?  However, Norma Jean and Sonny managed to crash into each other with only 3 people on the entire slope.  Renee Johnson went out without a sweater and returned after one (very cold) run.  Joe skied from lift-open to close, as is his habit, although during the coldest snowy day he stopped at the condo to warm his bones and (quite literally) thaw out his beard and mustache.

Joanna made her famous lasagna for our club dinner.  Everyone enjoyed it! Thanks, girl, great job. We all met in our condo and laughed and visited the whole evening.  So much fun!

Race day saw our racers do very well.  John Bearor did a wonderful job as Race Director.  Thanks!  Club St. Bernard came in second in Division 3.  We were only a few points apart.  Several individuals received medals.  Joanna Wolf placed first in her age group while Norma Jean and Judy placed first and second respectively in theirs.  Sonny Hurtado placed first in his group while Kip Kiplin placed third in his.  Way to go racers!

Our race medalists!

Our race medalists!

After a fun evening at the final banquet, to which even Ray Wolford came (thanks for going, Ray!), we all made it home safely, so we are thankful.  The trip was wonderful.  Perhaps next time you’ll go with us.

Judy... tree hugger?

Judy… tree hugger?

Tom's ready to "GoPro"!

Tom’s ready to “GoPro”!

Shopping/Dining in

Shopping/Dining in Aspen

Joe's entertaining again!

Joe’s entertaining again!

Fun with St. Bernards on skis!

Fun with St. Bernards on skis!

Tuscany, Italy was Fabulous in 2015

Famous works of art, beautiful countryside, and delectable food... all were enjoyed by a happy group of St. Bernards!

There’s so much to say about our amazing trip to beautiful Tuscany, Cinque Terre, and Rome (Fall of 2015) that you must click then be patient (there are a lot of photos) to read and see photos:  Tuscan Trip Tales .


Don't miss our final General Membership Meeting of the 2015-2016 club year! You'll hear all about the 2016-2017 season club and TSC trips! You'll be among the first to know, and among the first to be able to make plans to go on the trips of your choice! We meet at The Longhorn Cafe, 1625 Blanco Rd., 78232, in the party room. The "formal" meeting begins at 7:00, but we arrive anytime after 6:00 to order food and visit! We welcome new members and visitors!

Pawprints Newsletter

Members and Friends: Don't forget to check out our Pawprints Newsletter for all the latest news and events: Happy Hours, full trip flyers/descriptions and time-sensitive info! It's a "menu item" at the top of our Home Page! There's a new issue every month, although June and July are a combined single issue. However, there was no December issue, as we do not have a general membership meeting in December, nor a Happy Hour. Our annual Christmas party at a member's private home takes the place of other activities, and is a members-only event. But don't worry: there was no new news about any of our trips. Be sure to contact trip leaders for updates!

Happy Hour/Dine Outs! Check it out!

On Thursday, May 12, 2016, join us at our Happy Hour/Dine Out at Ajuua Mexican Bar & Grill, 11703 Huebner Rd.

Important Dates!

General Membership Meeting:
Wednesday, April 20, at 7:00 at The Longhorn Grill on Blanco Rd, inside Loop 1604.

Happy Hour/Dine Out:
Thursday, May 12, at 5:00 at Ajuua! on Huebner Rd, just outside Loop 1604.